Friday, January 11, 2013

TDD StringCalculator kata in TypeScript

Inspired by Roy Osherove StringCalculator and playing around with TypeScript, I tried to make my own version in TypeScript.

I have made this Kata 2 times in TypeScript, first time just to get the feeling, second time as a screencast, and thats the one I share with you.

I have written my tests Visual Studio 2012 with webessentials and used the jasmine test framework, and used Chutzpah as test runner.
Chutzpah supports both Qunit and jasmine testing framework.
Chutzpah uses the phantomJS headless browser to run your tests. Chutzpah also support for TeamCity (CI server) to automatically run your tests.

TypeScript StringCalculator Kata from Ronnie on Vimeo.

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